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About Foundation Foods

Foundation Foods has been the leading provider of fresh stocks and glazes to the New Zealand food service industry for over 20 years. Our products are also available in selected specialty stores and supermarkets and for food manufacturing.

As chefs, we know that preparing fresh stocks and glazes is a continual demand on the resources in your kitchen. Consistency of flavour and cost effectiveness are paramount. We save you time, space, food safety and health and safety risks by delivering consistent, quality stocks you can rely on, in the exact quantities you need.

Our Philosophy


Begin with the Best

We are continually innovating so you can begin with the best foundation for outstanding dishes.

The Best Ingredients

We carefully select the finest fresh New Zealand bones and vegetables, sourcing locally where possible. We pride ourselves on using all natural products with no additives or added gelatin. Our ingredients are from fully traceable New Zealand farms and sustainably managed New Zealand fisheries.

The Best Taste

Foundation chefs use classic recipes and methods trusted by chefs for generations. Our production and quality assurance ensures a consistent, quality product you can rely on. All our products are made and packaged in Mt Manganui, New Zealand. We are continually listening to our customers and working together to create new products that meet the changing tastes and trends in the food industry.

Trusted By New Zealand Chefs


We use Foundation stocks and glazes in all our kitchens at The George. The consistency, quality and range keeps us choosing Foundation every time.

Anthony Page
The George, Christchurch

Foundation Foods is committed to environmentally
sustainable and ethical business practices.

Best Environmental and Ethical Practices


In all our decision making we search out and choose the most environmentally sustainable practice possible.

Cooling water is re-used for irrigation.

Cooked bones and vegetables are turned into fertilizer or composted.

Re-usable containers are used to receive ingredients and transport pallets are reused and shared with other local businesses.

Food Safety and Quality

All Foundation stocks and glazes are made in Mt Manganui, New Zealand in our purpose built, independently audited stock production facility. We choose the best fresh New Zealand natural ingredients that are fully traceable from pasture to plate.

Our stringent quality control is built on fully approved food safety and risk management programmes. Based on the internationally recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) quality systems, regular independent auditing as required by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry provides rigorous food safety and quality testing of Foundation products and production practices.

We comply with:

– The Food Act 2014 New Zealand
– Food Regulations 2015 New Zealand
– Animal Products Act 1999 New Zealand
– Relevant Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code