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Premium chicken stock
and beef stock

Naturally selected stocks for the best in flavour

Quality chicken stocks and beef stocks lay the groundwork for many great dishes. At Foundation Foods, we want to give you that foundation, by supplying your kitchen with the absolute best of the best.

Sumptuous soups, winter warmers, and exotic Eastern flavours all begin with a single stock. The delicious delights don’t end with traditional bases. We have fish stocks for curries, lamb stocks for stews, and vegetable stocks for everything in between.

Stocks from Foundation Foods


A Cut Above

Stock is the principle of good cooking, and we make a point of being particular. Unlike other brands, we focus on quality over quantity. Our stocks and reductions are made from the highest quality natural ingredients, with no preservative or additives.

We don’t water anything down. When you cook with stock from Foundation Foods, you are making the best possible start. And when we mention quantity, we are never out of stock. Quite literally.

Sourced In New Zealand

To create our New Zealand stock, we source the finest bones and vegetables in New Zealand. We always aim to be as local as possible. All of our ingredients can be traced back to local farms and fisheries that place an emphasis on sustainability.

After we source the ingredients, our chefs put generations of culinary quality testing to work, creating stocks that stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on being tastemakers. If it’s trending in the food world, you can be sure that we have a stock recipe to suit.

Wholesale stock for restaurants

At Foundation Foods, our products are created by chefs, for chefs. If you’re in the hospitality game, you know that good quality products are worth their weight in gold. To deliver the absolute best from out the back right to the customer’s lap, you need consistency. Our wholesale beef stock and wholesale chicken stock are just that – pure, flavourful bases that can bring your creations to life.

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale stock, get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They will be able to arrange regular shipments of the highest quality natural stocks to your place of business. We ensure quality and consistency throughout our range, so you’ll never have to worry. You can get back to doing what you do best – creating taste sensations for your customers.

Buy stock online

It doesn’t matter who you are – home cook, budding chef, or seasoned homemaker – you can order high quality stocks directly from us. Place an order online using our new eCommerce platform, and we’ll have the best in stocks and reductions delivered to you quicker than you can say ‘simmer down’.

Visit our range below to make your selection from:
Beef stock
Chicken stock
Fish stock
Vegetable stock

If you have any questions about our online ordering process, or any of our quality products, get in touch with the team at Foundation Foods. Our customer service team would be happy to answer any questions you have about wholesale, online ordering, sourcing, and sustainability.