Begin with the Best

For more than 20 years we’ve been passionate about making the best fresh stocks and glazes for discerning chefs. Using classic recipes with traditional open kettle methods our chefs craft exceptional stocks and glazes so your chefs can begin with the best foundation for outstanding dishes.

Begin with the Best

As chefs, we know that preparing fresh stocks and glazes is a continual demand on the resources in your kitchen. Consistency of flavour and cost effectiveness are paramount. We save you time, space, food safety and health and safety risks by delivering consistent, quality stocks you can rely on, in the exact quantities you need. Our kitchen is dedicated solely to this craft, ensuring an outstanding, consistent quality that can be relied on every day.

Stocks & Glazes

So your chefs can begin with the best we make our stocks using traditional open kettle methods from classic recipes which professional chefs use in their own kitchens. Gently reduced for hours achieving the perfect taste and consistency. We carefully select the best New Zealand grown, fresh ingredients. 100% natural with no preservatives, no additives and no added gelatine. Made in New Zealand and packaged fresh.

Foundation stocks and glazes give me a quality base to build from. They allow me more time to concentrate on the finer touches of service rather than attending to skimming a stock all day.

Marc Soper

Conseiller Culinaire,

New Zealand

Chaine des Rotisse