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Premium chicken jus,
beef jus & lamb jus. 

Naturally selected jus’ for the best in flavour

Do you ever have that feeling when have enjoyed an incredible steak at a restaurant, that it’s so sad you can’t recreate it at home? You know you can buy the special cut of steak but how did they make it so mouth-watering to eat? Well the secret very likely lies in the “jus” that the Chef lovingly made and poured over the steak just before it was served to you.

The jus is the French name for the meat juices that come from cooking beef. Unlike gravy which is made by mixing the leftovers in the pan from a roast and thickening it with flour and stock, jus is not thickened but rather reduced and has a thinner, more velvety consistency. Our jus is made by reducing beef stock by 1/3. The jus then has a special blend of red wine added to it as it was traditionally used to help clean left-over meat from cooking vessels.

Jus from Foundation Foods


Original Jus

Like the original French Chef’s that created jus, we ensure that all the ingredients are natural – even our spring water comes from our site in the North Canterbury countryside. And unlike other stock concentrates we don’t add like sugar and salt, yeast extract, vinegar, stabilisers or thickeners to our jus. We have haven’t change our traditional recipe since we started 23 years ago in 1997.   

When the jus is made it provides a fresh flexible foundation  for creating a really flavorsome and distinctive sauce or gravy, or adding to any dish for enhanced flavour.

Sourced In New Zealand

Jus takes a lot of time to make, so many of New Zealand’s leading restaurants  use our Chef-made jus because it delivers the same depth of flavour to their meat dishes as they would make. While at the same time saving Chef’s time and money in preparing it. And if they need more they can go either to local Food Service suppliers or buy online from us.      

Wholesale stock for restaurants

Luckily for the home-chef, our jus  and our other stocks & glazes are also available through, gourmet food outlets such as Farro in Auckland, Moore Wilson in Wellington,  leading New World supermarkets or to buy online from us.